David's Personal Finance Roundup - December 2017
David’s Personal Finance Roundup – December 2017

When I launched The Astute Advisor personal finance site, I was excited to reach a much broader audience. But I’ve always believed that the blog shouldn’t be my voice alone. I’m convinced my readers will benefit by hearing from other financial professionals too. Here are some articles that are worth a read.


Some Market Myths That Hurt Investors

Ben Carlson, CFA is the Director of Institutional Asset Management at Ritholtz Wealth Management and is the author of A Wealth of Commons Sense. Ben regularly writes about wealth management, financial markets and investor psychology. In this article, Ben lays out the problems with investing “rules of thumb” and other myths that can spell trouble for investors.

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Get Organized: How To Improve Your Chances For A Successful Retirement

Devin Carroll is an independent investment advisor specializing in all things Social Security at the Social Security Intelligence blog. Before you can accurately plan for an awesome retirement, you need to get organized. Devin lists seven steps that will help you tidy things up!


Divorced with Children? Social Security Benefits for You

Jim Blankenship is a Certified Financial Planner™ and founder of Blankenship Financial Planning, Ltd. Jim writes a personal finance blog called Getting Your Financial Ducks In A Row. There are special rules that apply for Social Security benefits when you are divorced with children. In this article, Jim provides some much needed clarity into this often confusing subject.

The Truth About Building Wealth: It’s Boring

Andrew Comstock is a Chartered Financial Analyst and serves as President and Chief Investment Officer of Castlebar Asset Management. This article is an excellent reminder that you don’t get extra credit for making your financial planning complicated. Andrew lists some key fundamentals to building wealth.

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